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New Cultural Citizenship: Sohelia Najand and the Possibility to Solve the Problem of Multiculturalism in the Netherlands

Multiculturalism has over four decades been floating as a persistent issue in the Netherlands, a critical issue that needs delicate handling. It was a result from the major labour immigration in the 1960s bringing people from mainly Spain, Marocco and Turkey into the Netherlands (Source: Study Package Multicultureel Nederland).  The two latter mentioned countries are known as Moslem countries and naturally those immigrants came into the Netherlands along with their cultural attributes including what they believe (religion), what they respect as their daily guidance (values and norms), what they eat (cuisine), what they listen to (music) and so many other things to mention, creating an ethnic diversity within the Dutch society that used to be mono-ethnic. Continue reading “New Cultural Citizenship: Sohelia Najand and the Possibility to Solve the Problem of Multiculturalism in the Netherlands”

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6 Years of Raising an Indonesian-English Bilingual Child

My child celebrated his 6th birthday 4 months ago, marking my six years of effort to raise him as a bilingual of Indonesian and English language. The road is still long, and I’m not an expert in language, let alone children language development. What I’ve been doing to ensure I achieve my goal is studying some literature followed my numerous improvisations to adjust to characters and surroundings because I would like to do it without giving any pressures to my child. Here is how I started and what I have personally observed through a series of events. Continue reading “6 Years of Raising an Indonesian-English Bilingual Child”

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Artsy Sunday at the National Gallery, London

The National Gallery. Dari namanya sudah jelas ya artinya dan sudah bisa ditebak apa yang ada di dalamnya. Galeri lukisan ini letaknya di tengah kota London dan mudah diakses dengan transportasi umum. Tube station (stasiun kereta bawah tanah) terdekat adalah Charing Cross atau Leicester Square. Untuk bus, kita bisa pilih rute menuju Trafalgar Square, ada banyak sekali bus yang lewat alun-alun ini. Continue reading “Artsy Sunday at the National Gallery, London”

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If he were still alive, the world’s number 1 story teller, Roald Dahl would have been 100 years old on 13 September 2016. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Mathilda, The BFG, Fantastic Mr. Fox and many more have left fantastic impressions in the heart of many children around the world. There are a lot of surprises for everyone throughout the 2016’s celebration, not only for children but also for adults, including me. Continue reading “Panstrocake”

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Bottomless Art at Fringe Festival Edinburgh

Ini cerita musim panas tahun 2016 lalu saat kami dapat tiket bullet train super duper murah ke kota Edinburgh. 70 poundsterling saja untuk tiket bolak balik dua orang dewasa dan satu anak. Walaupun belinya harus pakai usaha sedikit karena website perusahaan keretanya sampai ‘down’ dan nggak bisa diakses, mungkin syok diserbu ibu-ibu pengiritan se-Britania Raya. Berpacu dengan batas akhir diskon sementara website dibuka bolak balik masih aja down? Mayan deg-degan. Tapi kalau memang rejeki nggak akan kemana. Kami berhasil dapat tiket dan berangkat!!! Cerita tentang destinasi alam sudah dibagi di sini. Sekarang ceritanya tentang Fringe Festival yang diklaim sebagai the world’s largest art festival. Continue reading “Bottomless Art at Fringe Festival Edinburgh”