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6 Years of Raising an Indonesian-English Bilingual Child

My child celebrated his 6th birthday 4 months ago, marking my six years of effort to raise him as a bilingual of Indonesian and English language. The road is still long, and I’m not an expert in language, let alone children language development. What I’ve been doing to ensure I achieve my goal is studying some literature followed my numerous improvisations to adjust to characters and surroundings because I would like to do it without giving any pressures to my child. Here is how I started and what I have personally observed through a series of events. Continue reading “6 Years of Raising an Indonesian-English Bilingual Child”

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Artsy Sunday at the National Gallery, London

The National Gallery. Dari namanya sudah jelas ya artinya dan sudah bisa ditebak apa yang ada di dalamnya. Galeri lukisan ini letaknya di tengah kota London dan mudah diakses dengan transportasi umum. Tube station (stasiun kereta bawah tanah) terdekat adalah Charing Cross atau Leicester Square. Untuk bus, kita bisa pilih rute menuju Trafalgar Square, ada banyak sekali bus yang lewat alun-alun ini. Continue reading “Artsy Sunday at the National Gallery, London”