If he were still alive, the world’s number 1 story teller, Roald Dahl would have been 100 years old on 13 September 2016. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Mathilda, The BFG, Fantastic Mr. Fox and many more have left fantastic impressions in the heart of many children around the world. There are a lot of surprises for everyone throughout the 2016’s celebration, not only for children but also for adults, including me.

I came across the picture of this pancake house in London, the Old Dutch Pancake Restaurant, that was making a giveaway to win a boxed set of 15 of Roald Dahl’s greatest children’s books. We had to make up something to address this: pretend you have found the manuscript of a previously unknown Roald Dahl children’s book in your attic. What is the book called and what is it about? The one with the most interesting story would be the winner.

So I came out with this Panstrocake idea inspired by my 5 year old’s imagination. And I won the book set! It was quite surprising. The pancake house is so generous they even invited me to a proof session, to have a taste of their new recipes.

“The book is called Panstrocake. It’s about a boy who loves pancakes so much, he likes making experiments on how to make pancakes with various ingredients and awesome toppings. Some friendly aliens visit earth and accidentally meet the boy. They become friends and the aliens learn about the boy’s passion of pancakes. The aliens ask the boy to teach and share them the art of making pancakes. The aliens and the boy spend so much fun time together. Finally it’s time for the aliens to return to where they come from, a planet far away from earth. This time the aliens are bringing something new, the knowledge of making what the boy calls, Panstrocake”.


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